Self-Improvement – A Mile Stone

In this blog we are going to discuss the importance of self-assessment and the need of Self-Improvement. So friends, this is the precious time of lock down which has come forcefully in our life. Those who will take advantage of this unhindered golden opportunity for self-evaluation and take necessary steps for self-improvement, they are the warriors of the future. Therefore always maintain self-improvement.

As the concerned and great readers of this blog will also know that I started this blog to provide all the details of the declared vacancies published by UPSC, SSC, IBPS, and other Government Recruitment Agencies and always trying to provide full details of the published vacancies at one place with official web links to the new job aspirants and I think I did well, but according to the current scenario of Covid-19 epidemic, where all the publisher of the recruitments make sure that all the competitive examination have been postponed, resulted there is a great confusion to the readers as well as the writer of the blog to streamline the declared vacancies. The some type of content come repeatedly in many of the blogs and the confusion may be occur. As the situation may normalize we will again back to our work, till that we are publishing some useful content to help the reader to add some useful information. when the reader went for his self-assessment.

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The sword the warrior must always be sharped no one will not know when the time come to demonstrate it. Our sword is our knowledge, so go for self-assessment again and again to get a space to stand in the queue of the some successful contestants.

The process to be like sword

As everybody know that initially the sword is a part of a useless piece of metal plate. The blacksmith had recognized that piece of metal plate and draw a drawing of sword on the metal plate then the process for making a sword has been begin. The blacksmith heated the piece of metal and kicked by hammer as when the piece of metal not converted in to the shape of sword. Like this the child of the human is also a raw in nature and the process to make him a noble person starts from the beginning. The parents and the teacher (the gurus) try to mould that raw human being into a well talented person like the blacksmith sharpen the edge of the sword and try to make the sword as faithful as the warrior can be relay on it and the sword can become the strength of the warrior.

How a Soldier keep ready his sword.

In the above paragraph it was discussed about the story how a useless piece of metal plate can be turn into a useful and faithful arms of a warrior, just like that a raw human being is also be moulded into great and noble person, but the story did not end here. As soon as the the warrior taken care of the sword. He must has to ensure that the edges of the sword never be blunt. The warrior has to keep sharpened his sword by rubbing on the stone and that process is being going on always to make his strength higher and higher.

Like that as a human child has become older and come on a position to stand on their own feet than he must has to do the exercise of self- improvement again and again. It can be possible when the concern man go for self-assessment and improve himself to tackle any unexpected situation occur in the life of himself and in life of their nearer and dearer. Self-improvement is essential to achieve the goal and endlessly self-improvement is the key of sure success. Like continuous effort can make a shape in the hard stone.

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Why self-improvement is Necessary

self-improvement gives the power of self-confidence. suppose the blacksmith made a marvelous sword to fight but if it will not to be used or not even open its cover so the sword will get rusted and not to be in use as it was made for. Just like that if a person not self-assessing himself time to time, the feeling of self-confident come into it and the feeling of self-confident give an adverse effect on his life because the person feel that he is a perfect man and no need of any improvement is required and this type of feeling makes the person arrogent. At this stage I missing a short story, which somebody told me now I want to write here.

“A boy age of 18 year lived in a small town. one day he came to the town grocery shop because that grocery shop had the facility of PCO. That boy came to the shop and dial a telephone number. A lady was speaking on the other side then that boy told the lady that I am in need of work and I will take care of your garden please give me the job. from the other side the lady replied that sorry recently I have no job and I have already hired a boy and he did well then the boy stop the call and go home. On the next day the same boy come again to the grocery shop and dial the same telephone number this time the same lady replied. this time the boy told that madam please give me a job I am very much in need I will do all other domestic work along with the taking acre of the garden with no extra salary. This time the lady replied that I am glad to know that you have asked me for a job but as I already told you that I have already hired a boy and he is also doing all the work which I told him and he never demand extra money for that and I am satisfied with his work, sorry once again. As soon as the boy leave the shop. The grocery shop owner told him why don’t you work in my shop, I repeatedly saw that you came here and asked for job over phone.

The shopkeeper shocked to hear the reply of the boy. The boy replied to the shopkeeper that thankyou sir you are offering me a job at your shop but I am not in need of a job. Actually I have been working for the lady which I had talked over phone. I want to confirm that my madam satisfied with my services or not or any kind of improvement is required on my part. sir this is my kind of self-assessment because I am not so much educated but I want that there is no chance when my master think that i am unable to fulfill their requirement and my salary is become a burden on her. “

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How to be self-improved

Self- improvement starts from the strong willpower and dedication if the people fail to achieve the targeted goal so it is a failure of the process of their self-improvement. Most of the time people set their goal very high but they could not make efforts to achieve that goal and told that the goal is not in my luck. Targeting a goal is good habit but the targetor will has to continuance working on it by the habit of self-improvement.
If a student target for his higher education so he will has to read well and develop a habit to write more and more answers of the questions and this will come only through self-assessment and self-improvement.
If any job aspirant targeted for his dream job so he will has to develop a habit to solve more and more related mock tests and he has to self-analysis and self-improvement accordingly. It quite offen that many of the competitors always take his away from mock tests because they may be afraid that if they could not pass the test their self-confidence may reduced. On the other side the competitors who are not afraid from solving tests and improving their skills time to time succeed and achieve his goal.
If anybody looking for the rise in their salary or present post so they will have to enhance the habit of self-improvement.

Self-confident v/s Self-confidence

As the word self-confident sounds like that a person is full of arrogance. It looks like that the person who thought that he is self-confident shows that he has full of skills and no further improvement is required. On the other hand the word self-confidence shows that a person is continuously try to maintain his confidence level by self-improving always.
This is my personal views that a person with self-confident may be achieve his target but he may not be able to continue for longer period if no improvement is being done but a person who maintains the habit of learning and self-improving accordingly will get always the new heights in his life and always be able to maintain that position for a longer period and will also be able to maintain his simplicity of the life with meekness.
In this context I am going to remember a story which I want to write here.

” This story is based on two friends. Their name were John and Smith. They were the good school friend and always help each other in their studies but the family background of the both were quite different. The John was the only child in the family and the John’s family was also well established and can be able to afford to bear any expenses for John. On the other hand the family background of Smith was not well off. He had two younger sisters in his family and his father was also not on a permanent job. Over all the financial condition was not as good as to continue his studies and he has to stop his studies after tenth class and start earning to support his family. On the other hand John he had no financial problems and he had continue his studies and he had enough money to do anything and he had selected for a government job as clerk very easily. By the whole process helped to develop a tendency of self-confident and he thought that his knowledge is good for enough. The tendency of arrogance had also been developed in his behavior. He never thought about his friend Smith his arrogant behavior had came in between their friendship. His friend Smith was a man of courage. In the daytime he had to worked for financial support for his family and side by side he had continued his studies also, how and then he had completed his Graduation level studies and he also got a job with a lawyer. His duty was to typed the document of lawyer’s cases. He had done his work very honestly and always tried to self-assess his own work. Most of the time he had to go court room with the lawyer to carry the cases documents. Now and then his dedication and habit of self-assessment came into light and the lawyer identified his talent and asked Smith why don’t you try for civil services examination ? I will support you in any manner. Now the Smith got his guru and started working to achieve his goal. He always tried to self-improve by the method of self-assessment. One day he succeeded to achieve his goal and became a District Magistrate. One day John received a transfer orders that he has been transferred to the District Magistrate Smith’s office for the post of secretary. When the John saw the name of Smith he immediately remembered about his friend and thought that Somewhere that Smith will not be that but he replied himself that where is the post of District Magistrate and where that Smith. Next day when he entered the office he shocked to see that his friend Smith is sitting on the chair of District Magistrate than immediately an arrogant thought come in his mind that now will I had to work under him but as soon as Smith saw his, he came to him and said welcome my dear friend. I am very glad to see to here and introduced him among the staff that he is John my friend now we will work together. Now the readers can see the difference of the thoughts of two person. A person like John who thought that he is a self-confident with full of arrogance. When he saw Smith on the chair of District Magistrate he immediately thought that will I had to work under him? On the other side, the Smith so polite. He told to see his friend John that now we will work together. He is the man who always tried to improve himself. Now the reader can see the difference in the thoughts of an arrogant self-confident person and a person who tried to live as a student, and can always try to learn and improve himself. “


By the way the reader must have to take his own conclusion. But as per my point of views the person must have to learn always and recognize their mistakes and try to improve it. A person who work on their improvement can put their mile stone for others.

Test your knowledge skills

I am going to list below the five or six simple questions. This is not the examination but it might be a self-assessment of your own knowledge skills. Try to answer these questions without consulting google or any other source. you can assess your skill and keep improving.
01) Who is the first Dalit President of India?
02) Who is the youngest (in terms of age) President of India?
03) Who is the oldest (in terms of age) President of India?
04) How many Muslim community people took the office of the President of India?
05) which President of India has his shortest tenor?
06) Which President of India has their longest tenor?
If you are able to answer any of the two questions without consulting any source, it’s great otherwise you need to go for self-improvement

To Know The Answers Click Here

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